All The Flowers Are Dead

dead roses imagesI don't know about you, but I am totally recovering from Halloween and Trick or Treating.We had a great time this year as the children are old enough to all walk and really have a great time and not get exhausted after ten houses. The only unfortunate aspect of trolloping through our neighborhood was it was raining almost the entire time. Not fun at all. I envision colds for everyone in three to five days! I couldn't even take my camera out for fear of it getting some big fat raindrops cascading upon it.

My girls were Scarlet Macaws and I made their costumes out of loads of feathers and boas. They looked so darn cute!

The are currently resting upstairs and attempting to fall asleep after a sugar induced coma has been inflicted on them from all the candy they have ingested! I'm hoping they make it sleeping through the night.

Instead of images of my adorable little Macaws, I have images of dead roses. These were left over from my photo shoot a couple of weeks ago of a young couple that I adore. This weekend I have another photo shoot of an expectant mom. She's really super nervous and it is making me nervous a bit. But, I'm sure it will be fine. I'm also sure it will still be raining, so all shots will be indoors.

dead roses imagesdead roses imagesdead roses images

dead roses images