About T {Yep, that's what all my friends call Me}

Contact me at tiarastantrums@gmail.com

Hi there. I’m Teresa, the face behind Tiaras & Tantrums.

And I believe in doing what you love and loving what you do.

Some people think that Tiaras & Tantrums is all about photography. And it is… to a point. But a lot of people can’t see what’s behind the photography: self discovery, love, family, a homeschooling mom . . .

Tiaras & Tantrums blog

Behind every photo and every recipe or review for that matter on this blog, is a lifestyle photographer, a homeschooling momma, a home cook, and a social media mom. If you could take a peek into the creation of each of my posts, you would discover hours of photo editing, some design work, and overcoming writer’s block because I have no less than 25 interruptions every hour!

There is a lot of time and creativity that goes into creating a blog post. I have to set up photo shoots, develop the settings and photograph the shoot. I need to do this in order for my photos to come across as creative enough to catch your eye in a moment. I also want you to enjoy them enough that you will come back and visit again.

I want you to fall in love with family when you're here visiting. I have grown so much over the past 8 years of blogging. I want you to see that and to remember. For me, this blog is a journey and it's about creating something new within myself everyday.

I'm a happy, homeschooling mom! We live in the suburbs of Chicago and my husband is a big executive at some fancy communications corporation (which is where we met). My children are 12, 10 and 7 and are super awesome (they do not pay me to say that). Everyone is super cooperative of my crazy, busy schedule and I couldn't do it without all their help . . . and posing for me!

On behalf of all five of us, I want to thank you for stopping by Tiaras & Tantrums! We hope you’ll stay a while and make us a part of your day… preferably the photographing part!.