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Netflix News: Introducing Downloads

Are you a Netflix member? I have been for years and have told all my family members, who are now avid fans of Netflix. My brother, who lives in the country in a rural are can not even get cable, but after I told him about Netflix, they have been able to enjoy amazing series and films again. We gift my husband's brother's family with Netflix a few years ago and every Christmas they request a renewal gift! My friends and I at work chat about what Netflix series to watch. (hint: The Crown - so good!!)

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I Finally Watched the Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life

After nearly a two decades of having no clue what everyone was talking about, I decided to watch The Gilmore Girls with my daughters. The Gilmore Girls were officially back. I certainly had a lot of catching up to do. So I settled myself in my comfy chair and began the show. I was not prepared for the fast-talking fun with Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore.

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Holiday Bar Cart Ideas & Tips

Everyone knows the most important thing about holiday gatherings are the guests. But the secret to hosting festive holiday gatherings is a well stocked bar! If your home bar is well stocked, your parties will be beautiful and fun. Get ready for the holidays by setting up and stocking your home bar with 

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Medieval Times | Winter Break Specials in Chicago

Winter break is fast approaching and I am so looking forward to a bit of a rest and reprieve from school and activities. We are ready to have a blast over winter break and be taken back to the 11th century at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. Which is perfect because we have been studying all about the 11th century in Omnibus this semester. My daughters are so excited to see the gorgeous Andalusian horse show, and swoon over the knights defending their realm. We all can't wait to see abeautiful princess and a king try to save their kingdom. are only some of the wonders the family can enjoy together.

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Just Porter: Family Hazen Professional Backpack

The fall has been lingering here in Chicago and giving us a wonderful break from an early winter. Winter break will be on us all soon enough and I for one am not the least bit prepared. The schedules my children have this school year ramped up so quickly, I have yet been able to catch my breath.

I really thought we would be easing into the school year and all their work was at a sprinting pace from day one. I really never had the opportunity to sort, purchase and label everything my children and myself need for the new school year because we have been at warp speed. I realized this past month that all my kids backpacks are in dire need of replacement. 

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How to Host a Halloween Party with Netflix

Did you know that approximately 68 million people will dress in costumes this Halloween? And that about 49 million of that group of select individuals will attend a Halloween party.  Are you attending a Halloween Bash this weekend? Are you hosting a party?

If you are one of these spooky persons who gets all dressed up and attend a monster bash or hosting a party for your friends and family . . . I have a few tips for you.

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