Cranberry Moscow Mule

I came up with the Cranberry Moscow Mule and now my husband is torn between the two and can't decide which one he likes or enjoys more. This drink is even better if you get ambitious and sugar your cranberries. My husband really prefers the cranberries this way, but I don't always have the extra time to make the sugared cranberries. (Plus, everyone eats them in about 90 seconds!)

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Medieval Times’ New Show Sovereign | A Huge Success!

In a major break from Medieval Times’ 34-year tradition of casting a king in the show’s lead role, the company has revealed that a queen is now in charge and sole ruler of the land. She is cast as a firm but kind ruler respected throughout the kingdom who inherited the throne at the passing of her father, the previous king. This is Leigh Cordner, our Creative Director’s 4th full show with Medieval Times!

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