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Movies Anywhere Movie Night

Here is an easy, creative, and affordable way for friends and family to spend time together this holiday season. A Movies Anywhere Christmas Movie Night is the perfect evening to share the joys of the season with everyone around you simply redeeming a Movies Anywhere Movie Code.

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DIY Movie Night Bar Party for Teens

The easiest, no-bake dessert Rocky Road recipe with marshmallows and dark chocolate for a DIY Movie Night Bar for Young Adults, teenagers and tweens. This Rocky Road recipe is the best treats for a Movie Night Themed Party for YAs.

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Summer is a great time to get outdoors and take advantage of the fabulous weather with my children running wild and free. EVERYONE loves summer evenings with a refreshing frozen fruit snack. Since the month of August is FAMILY FUN MONTH,  it is the opportune time to enjoy family with extra fun and activities.

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