Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Every summer my children and I plant a garden. Each year we seem to have average luck with whatever we decide to plant. Last year I asked my husband to construct me a square foot garden from wood and enclose it in order to keep the rabbit and deer away from my growing veggies.  That was the trick and we had a wonderful harvest last summer. Well into the fall I was still collecting tomatoes and beets and kale!

Square Foot Gardening

This year, we are back to the square foot garden and everything is safely enclosed again from furry predators. My children were not as interested in assisting with the planting this year and left after only a couple of spots had been planted. This left me with the decision as to how to plant my square foot garden.

I decided to plant in rows this year versus a grid of 1-foot by 1-foot squares, with single seeds or plants placed in carefully determined spacings. I prefer a long bed as this is how my father planted each and every year. It is familiar to me and I always feel as if I am honoring my father by planting the way he preferred as well.

If you are interested in your own square foot garden, here are some supplies you would need to get started.

  • 2 x 10 lumber

  • landscape fabric

  • peat moss

  • compost

  • wood screws

  • staple gun

  • seeds and plants

  • fencing of some sort, we use a garden net and chicken wire

The amount of supplies depends on the size of the garden you would like to plant. Also, consider the amount of sun that hits the area you are looking to plant. Growing veggies need loads of sunlight each day. 

Simple assemble the frame the size you wish the garden to be. Spread the landscape fabric on the outside of the frame and staple it in place. Flip the frame over and place it in the location and start to fill with soil and compost. (we use a mixture of soil and mushroom compost). I do not use any sprays or soil aides of any kind.

Square Foot Gardening

For our garden we selected green beans, snap peas, beets, radishes, tomatoes, english cucumber and a peppers. Once the beans and snap peas get a little bigger, I will add a small fence area along each row so the vines can climb. I will also house the tomato plant in a wire cage for added support as well.

We are a few weeks in and the garden is sprouting off great. there were some areas where some seeds didn't take and i simply went in tonight and planted some seeds in the bare areas. By mid-July we should have a beautiful harvest of some wonderful vegetables!

Square Foot Gardening

Are you ready to try a garden for yourself? Start small and just do it! Your kids will love it and you will love all the fresh vegetables!