Sunday Funday

Last week we had a peek of the sun shining through some ominous clouds and the kids were begging to get to the park and feed some ducks. After we feed the ducks and the very friendly geese . . . literally, my kids were able to feed the geese right right from their hands. Usually geese are pretty mean, but these geese are so used to getting bread and treats daily fro all the little kids in the area.

We all ventured around to the park area and the kids were able to run around to their hearts content . . .  filling their lungs with fresh air and laughing the entire time. My girls explored every tree they had not seen in months. They said hello to the buffaloes and the deer. They smelled some flowers and looked for bugs and worms under familiar rocks.

My girls were missing this park so very much as everything was buried under snow for so very long. They grieved over the many trees that had been cut down due to EAB in our area. We sat and counted how old the trees were and pondered when new trees would be planted in their stead.

My girls love to be outdoors and I was so happy to get them out in the open air for hours, revitalization for their little bodies, soaking up some vitamin d, nurturing their souls. My son was with us as well, but I was not allowed to take any photos of him. He was also exploring and laughing and enjoying the geese and the park and his sisters. Although he would never admit it. Being a tween is so hard these days, trying to be a cool tween and still wanting to have fun with your little sisters can be so difficult at times. I was happy he was able to have fun because I don't see too many more of these days with him.

We ended our afternoon by jumping for joy on the hill. What a great day!

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