Owl 10th Birthday Party


This past year for my daughter's 10th birthday, we celebrated with an Owl Party! Owl parties are really gaining in popularity and she was all for this theme. There are so many websites and blogs that have an owl party posted I was able to draw so much inspirations from all their wonderful posts.

I made the invitations out of different scrap paper in the shape of an owl and sent them out to her school pals. I printed out on the shape of the owl's tummy. {sadly, I can't find the images that I took and I did not make any extra invites}

 "YOU  . . . . HOOOOO It's {my daughter's name} 10th Birthday! She's having a Night Owl Party to Celebrate! Where: The Snow Nest and our address Dinner will be served. It Will Be  A Hoot!"

Owl Birthday Party

I set the dining room table up like a dinner party for the girls with colored plates I already had and some other festive decorations. It was so cute!

Night Owl Party
Night Owl Party

I was able to locate numerous owl decorations on etsy and ordered a couple owls to make splashes around the room. I simply glued or stitched the tiny owls to decorative yarn and strung them across the room. Some of the owls were clips and easily attached to items. I also made cupcake liner garland to string.

The girls made their own little pizzas. I had all the toppings they could possibly want or need to make their own mini pizzas. I purchased a bag of frozen rolls and thawed them out, rolled them and pre-baked them so the girls would have a basket of mini pizzas ready. On the table I had serving dishes full of cheese, pepperoni, sausage, basil, olive oil, onions, sauce, goat cheese, avocado and tomatoes.


Once the girls were all finished making their mini masterpiece pizzas, I quickly baked them for about 5 minutes to melt the cheese. Since the crust had been pre-baked, it was much faster. I moved the girls to the birthday room while the pizzas where baking. There was carrots in little cups of ranch dressing, grape tomatoes on skewers, strawberries and grapes, Caesar salad, and cheese and tomato slices for them to nibble on. They had pink lemonade in Mason jars to drink. 

When the girls arrived, we sent them all outdoors to play to break the ice as not all the girls are from the same schools. We have this fabulous tree swing in the back yard that everyone took turns on. The trampoline is always a hit too.

I had a table setup for the girls to move to once they finished with dinner. There were two stations. Once for melty beads and one for rubber band bracelets. A HUGE hit!

I will say this, that one needs to remember that not all girls are into crafts and such. i had one girl who had no interest in the beads or the bracelets and I needed to keep her active during the craft portion of the party. Good thing for the next party to remember.

I purchased tubes of chocolate and white frosting and chocolate and white cupcakes ahead of time. I had M&Ms and oreo cookies fro all the girls to create their owl owl cupcake. Note to self: Buy more cupcakes next time! This was great fun.

I was lucky enough to find some items for the goodie bags that had owls on them. Little owl shaped sticky notes, owl sleep masks and the girls could select a felt owl to take home as well as their melty bead and rubber band bracelets they had created.

The party was a blast! my daughter had so much fun with her friends! I didn't have an opportunity to take many photos during the party and I had told my son he was on camera duty, but he forgot and only snapped a couple of very blurry shots. Alas, this happens at eery party!