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Did you see The Voice last night? Oh my, the semi-finals last week was so good, I didn't think I could wait a week for the finals. I was waiting all week to see last night's FINAL performers. Three teams left! Team Blake's Jake Worthington, Team Adam's Christina Grimmie, and Team Usher's Josh Kaufman.

The performers gave their all last night.  I loved all the recaps at the beginning of each contestants final performance. I think all these young talents had such positive experiences with their artists this season. All the artists were so very pleased with their contestants, as well they should be. The Returned, The Saved and The Stolen as they have been called this season. Each contestants sang a past fan favorite, a new song and a duet with their respective coaches. I loved to see the contestants perform with their mentors on stage. It really brought them all full circle.

Oh, did you see the sexy little number performed by Adam and Usher . . .?

I absolutely loved the amazing flaming set for Josh and the violinists in the background with the white violins almost had me. But, my favorite will always be Christina. WOW! Can that girl sing! Did you love her take on Elvis Presley's, Can't Help Falling in Love. She is Adam's girl and he was an awesome mentor to her all season long. I do hope she takes home The Voice crown tonight.

Christina Grimmie has gorgeous hair, don't you think? I think her hair played a part in her amazing performances this season as well. If you have beautiful hair, you will also have the confidence to get up on that stage and sing your heart out, like she did.

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Be sure to Watch The Voice Tuesday night at 7 p.m. CT as the winner will be announced!

Disclosure: I have been compensated by Global Influence for this post. Images courtesy of Global Influence and used with permission