10 Weekend Activities

It’s no secret that I am a country girl, but my love for all things country extends far beyond the barns and tractors. I am drawn to the simplicity of the country, the nostalgia of my childhood, and the return life enjoyment that doesn’t require any wifi. Don't get me wrong, I am a city gal through and through, but I am also a country-loving gal at heart.  Every once in a while I love to add a country activity to our day or weekend to make sure my kids know how to slow down and appreciate old fashioned fun. Here are some ideas for daily or weekend activities you can experience with your family and friends!

Country Fields

1. Go for a hike. The country life is about connecting with nature. Get out and explore your area, there are plenty of forest preserves if you live in an urban area. 

Take A Hike

2. Take a music lesson. Learn to play your favorite song on the keyboard or the guitar. Music is something that can always be added to your list of past times.

Music Lessons

3. Go horseback riding. Don't let the big guys scare you off. Horses are gentle giants. There are many areas that offer riding lessons or tours for beginners. If you have some experience, think of the fun afternoon you will have.

Horseback riding
Horseback Riding Lessons

4. Country DIY. Create something country for yourself or to give away as a gift.  My favorite is to add something to a Mason jar! Cookies. Salsa.

5. Plant. My children love nothing more than digging in dirt.  If you have some extra space, let your kiddos go in the dirt and dig a hole and plant something. Favorite flower - vegetable? Even if you don't have extra room, you can always plant something in a pot, even herbs! We love to plant a garden every spring.

Plant a garden

6. Have a BBQ. Invite your friends. Invite your family. Invite your neighbors. Have a good old fashioned pot luck. Try something new and have fun.

Host a BBQ

7. Bake a cobbler. What could be more country that a cobbler. YUM! Try out a new recipe. Your home will thank you.

8. Go to a flea market. Get up early and visit a local flea market. Search for something country to add to your home. I found some amazing stained glass windows to add as decoration to my walls. I love them!

9. Collect wildflowers. Find an open area, field or forest preserve in your area and pick some wildflowers. Grab a handful and take some photos, plop them in a vase with some gorgeous ribbons.

Pick some wildflowers

10. Visit a strawberry field.  You will certainly be surprised to locate a local farm in your area where you can actually pick your own berries. They may even have other activities for you and your littles. Image what you can do with fresh strawberries? Homemade Jam in Mason jars?!

Pick Strawberries

Get our on the weekends and try some new country activities. What country activity is your favorite?

About Tiaras & Tantrums: Rese is a mom of three. She enjoys home educating her kiddos, taking photos, and traveling the globe. Rese is a family lifestyle photographer and home educator. Connect with Rese on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. Sign up via email for the latest updates from Tiaras & Tantrums.