Dave & Busters | Eat, Play, Win

Last weekend we headed over to Dave & Busters. Dave & Busters is a facility that offers eating, drinking, playing and sports all in one location. In addition, there is year-round game watching with TV's surrounding the bar. There is event space and party rooms that will accommodate 20-2,000 people if you are looking for a party location. You can enjoy lunch, brunch or dinner, weekend sports games, dinners, mommy play dates, club outings, corporate sponsored parties and other exciting promotions.


My husband and I have eaten at Dave & Buster's  before as we have both attended many employee sponsored parties here. However, it has always been buffet and we have never ordered from the menu, so we were excited to sample the Eat, Play, Win Combo menu. They feature a  large menu that offers something for everyone with exceptional dishes.

The Eat, Play, Win Combo food was amazing and we left only crumbs. My husband was even delighted to find something with no carbs as he is still on his low-carb diet.

The Eat, Play, Win Combo gives you everything you need for a day of fun at Dave & Buster's. Starting at only $16.99 choose an entree, get a $10 Power Card and receive 100 tickets to get you started! Offer is available Sun-Thurs open-close, Fri & Sat open-5pm. Offer doesn't expire, no coupon or code required. See your favorite D&B for details. 


I have been taking the children to Dave & Buster's for years for friend's birthday parties and they always have a wonderful time. This was our first family outing at Dave & Buster's though. After a delicious lunch, we were all ready to play. We hd all ordered from the Eat, Play, Win menu so we were all set with our Power Cards. Our ticket to play in the Million Dollar Midway

We were each armed with our $10.00 Power Cards that had 100 tickets on it already! We headed into the Million Dollar Midway and we were all ready to play in the arcade. It is a very large room with over 100 games to play. We were all heading in different directions and had to pause to decide where to play first!

Our favorite game fo the afternoon was Harpoon lagoon and Spin-N-Wi. My kiddos were attempting to win as many tcikets as possible. 


With full buckets of tickets in hands, my kids were happy to have their tickets weighed and select their prizes. There is such a huge selection of prizes in the Winner's Circle, it was hard to choose. We spent quite a bit of time here picking the best prize for each child.


With are tummies and hearts full with an afternoon of Eat, Play, Win, we left Pinstripes with smiles and satisfaction for a successful Family Fun Afternoon! Head over to Dave & Buster's for an afternoon of family fun with the Eat, Play, Win Combo.

Disclosure: I was provided a gift card in exchange for a review. As alwyas, my opinions are my own. No compensation has been received.