Running Late & Looking Fabulous

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My life resembles a twisting, turning, up and down roller coaster. I am so busy running children to all their events and functions that I barely have time for myself. My life is in fast motion and I am flying faster that I think I realize. I hurry to get dressed, slap on makeup if I'm lucky enough to find a moment and get my children ready, out the door, on time.

I loved getting dressed up and getting ready prior to having children and swore that I would never stop taking care of myself. Dressing up and taking care of myself would be a priority. I'd see women schlepping children around Target dressed like slobs and I swore I would never look like that. I found out however that once kids entered life there's little or no time for mom.

However, I still never wanted to look like the same one who quickly tossed on any old rag to do my running around. I pledged to never let myself get to the point that I looked like a slob out in public or around our home.

My intentions were solid, as life moved on, so went my time and my style. There was an increase in laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning up, baths and all the other little thins that add up to a lot of time when you have little ones. So, I asked myself how on this planet would I have time to shower, put on makeup, dress and still look fabulous for hubbie at night.

There just wasn't enough time in the day, and so I joined the go as you are club. I can't really wear fancy clothes to baseball games and gymnastic practice. I dress mostly in jeans and T-shirts, and that is okay. Jeans are my staple now. I see a lot of moms in sweat/yoga pants because they obviously have little time to get ready. I refuse to wear sweat/yoga pants in public if it the last thing I will ever do. I won't be caught dead in public wearing yoga pants.

I decide that no matter what my future holds, I will always have a lovely pair of jeans nearby so that if I ever am running late or my children are late, I have a quick change of fabulous jeans to slip into.

I find that I can pair my jeans with any top these days and I look fabulous. My favorite jeans are skinny jeans. These jeans are perhaps the most perfect pair of jeans for my body type or frame or whatever you want to call it.

Loving my Levi’s® right now. And yes, I will wear them all year long. I hate shorts. I am white and my thighs are a bit thicker than I like these days with pockets of fat! I love the skinny Levi’s® jeans, they hug perfectly and are not too long and I can still see my feet. I also love that I can have more than one pair of jeans in same style since Levi’s® offers so many different colors. I'm off in a couple of weeks to Central America and I will be packing all my favorite pairs of Levi’s®.

Central America

There's no reason why we moms can't set aside five minutes and dress up. After all, we are the queens of multitasking and truly can handle getting ready and looking fabulous as we are riding the rollar coaster, going through corkscrews and plummenting down that thrilling drop in life called motherhood.

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