I happen to think the time zone change is for the birds

Dude, the time change has kicked my buttocks!. I can't sleep! I hate the time changes each time they come about. Seriously, they make me whack-a-doodle! I'm off kilter for days! Why? Why are we the only country to use this ridiculous theory! I have lived in another country . . . believe me, time change is NOT necessary! Twice a year, I'm foggy brained for at least a week.

I had a very productive week last week. I made 15 scrapbook albums! WOW! My creations did not sell at the dismal craft show that I participated in last weekend though. It rained all day long and I think that kept people at home. It was so boring. I had two sales. I'm just not sure if craft shows are going to be my thing. I am really excited about doing a show and then there is just not ever enough people milling about. Perhaps the fall would be better for me.

I have a confession to make. I completely addicted to reality tv! There, I said it. I love reality tv. Amazing Race- love it - Jeff and Jordan, please get your heads our of your behinds! Survivor - Love it - please someone vote Rob off before I vomit on my television. Celebrity Apprentice - hee hee - I'm already cheering for Sharon Osbourne!! Has anyone seen Celebrity Rehab and Sober House? This is a sneak show for me(when everyone is sleeping I get to watch it). Watching all these people (Tom Sizemore - who I actually like as an actor and what the heck happened to him? Dennis Rodman, not surprise there people (and why he is such a sh*^ starter). Mike Starr, again, are we surprised? But he was kicked out anyway. And, I do not like Kari Ann Peniche or Heidi Fleiss . . . AT all! I know…I know….it is a silly thing to watch these train wreck shows (especially /Celebrity Rehab?Sober House). Why are they so addiciting?

I am also completely addicted to a new program on Starz: Spartacus: Blood and Sand. WOW! What a sexy, naughty show! I'm so happy that The Tudors will be starting again in April for its 4th season. I also watch Diary of a Secret Call Girl on Showtime. Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara will be starting up again soon! My DVR is going to be so overloaded! I don't know when I will have the time to watch all these shows. Really I do adore a good series without commercials!

Anyway, on to some photos of my craft show.

I will be back to a normal blogging schedule in the next couple of weeks as I am winding down with the school auction here. I have missed all my blogging buddies and will be back full swing next month! I am off on spring break next week. Hope everyone has a lovely spring break vacation.

As Tigger says: TTFN!