Chicago Bloggers Brunch


Team Mom and Child's Play really know how to throw a party! I recently attended a Chicago Bloggers Brunch at Navy Pier (one of my children's favorite location in the entire world). The entire gang came along as Navy Pier was also hosting the annual Chicago Toy and Game Show. My husband took the four children to the toy show (bless his heart - isn't he AWESOME!?)and I went off to the brunch.

There was an informative panel discussion with Chicago area bloggers:  Kris Cain, LittleTechGirl; Amy Mueller, ParentSphere; Maria Ramos, and MJ Tam, Chicagonista.  The discussion covered topics such as the most effective manner for companies and brands to engage, establish and interact with today's mom bloggers and how maintain these relationships. Also how mom bloggers can engage, establish and gain relationships with brands and companies.


After the discussion, Team Mom had a wonderful brunch available. There were a number of vendors surrounding the room giving the bloggers an opportunity to "engage and establish a working relationship". I was excited to speak with each vendor and made my way around the room, including Playtex Baby, MEGA Brands, Backyard Safari Outfitters/Zillionz, Toy State,, Cold Stone Creamery and In Zone Brands.


I found information about Playtex Baby helpful and enjoyed the products that they shared.

IMG_1316.jpg gave me a gift card. I have yet to use mine but am excited to!


My son really enjoyed the Road Rockin' Truck! Actually all my children are having a blast with the toys!

Toy State presented such a wonderful array of toys at the brunch and I have added the R/C Road Rippers to our Christmas list this year!


I received a gift card and I just HAVE to say the ice cream cake for the holidays was delicious!

I only sampled the toffee cake, but I did eat every bit and had to refrain from licking the plate!! (hee hee) {On a side note, I just want to say that one of these lovely gals recognized me from the Blogher 2010 event that I attended~this I find incredible!)


This was the table that I was most interested in as the array of toys meet all my children's interests! I was so elated when the MEGA Brands representative told me if I was interested in a sample of the products (ie: toys), just to let her know. This was in addition to the lovely tote bag filled with a gorgeous Thomas the Train toy!

I would LOVE (well, my children would LOVE and ADORE me) to sample the wonderful, fabulous toys on the table!!! I am happy to review these toys on my blog as well, Tiaras & Tantrums.

I loved the Mega Bloks Dragon Universe Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer and the Mega Bloks Match & Build Game and can't wait to receive these to review for MEGA Brands! My daughter is head over heels with the Dragon Universe line right now and I made the mistake of telling her that we would be getting the Mega Bloks Dragon Universe Ultimate Action Dragon Destroyer to review . . . and of course, she won't leave me alone about it! (note to self - next time - keep mouth shut!

We have been a big (well, really HUGE) fan of Mega Bloks since my son was a baby (almost 9 years ago) and have been purchasing these toys for almost a decade now! The first Mega Bloks toy we purchased was the Big Bag of Classic blocks AND all my children STILL  play with this (we have since purchased these blocks in pink along with a castle). My son is really into the Halo line right now and my  basement is FULL of Magnext(and past lines of this toy), any and all Thomas, all past Neos ever sold and anything Spider Man that Mega Bloks ever made (hee hee).


Backyard Safari Outfitters was handing out these adorable little lanterns!(I even asked for two and she was so kind to give me another) My little one was carrying it throughout the house with it looped to her pants! It is quite adorable!

My children simply adore the Backyard Safari line. My son can usually be found wearing his vest working on his next adventure with his sisters! I had purchased the Zillionz ATM Bank so many years ago for my two oldest children and I am happy to say, they still use it, some 5 years later! My daughter received the talking cash register many years ago as a gift and it is still going strong (has since been  passed along to her younger sister)!


 I had a lovely chat with the MaryKay representatives, discovering some new products I was not aware of.


I picked up a bottle of Belly Washers for my children. They really enjoyed them directly after the brunch. (they were enjoying the toy show and had worked up quite a thirst)! My two oldest children have requested I save the "cool" bottles for their school lunch bags!

I had a wonderful time at the brunch, chatting with other mom bloggers and making connections with local bloggers that I had yet to meet. What an amazing time speaking with all the great vendors at the Chicago Bloggers Brunch!

Can't wait for the next one!