Question of the Day?

Question of the Day?

I just read something the other night on a blog . . . and it has made me curious . . .

Do you like my playlist?

My music?

Do you hate it?

Do you want me to delete it?

Does it annoy the ever living hell out of you?

Frankly, it had never occurred to me that it might annoy someone . . I guess because music on blogs do not bother me in the least. I don't feel annoyed. I am not aggravated by a blogs choice of music. Heck, sometimes, I even find some music that I really like to add to my playlist. I was really quite shocked by the comments . . . people you really hate music on blogs!

Why? Just curious. . .

So please, let me know, how annoyed are you with me and my playlist? Do you NOT visit me because of the music?

I won't be offended in the LEAST and I won't tell you to suck it or anything like that.
Heck, I may even disable it.

So, Delete it or Leave it?

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