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Question of the day here . . . Do you have fond childhood memories of your parents reading you bedtime stories before you nodded off to sleep?

This is one thing I can say with a resounding NO! Not once, not ever! That being said . . . I read to each one of our children each and every night, without fail. This has been in our schedule since before my son, my first born was even one year old. Reading in bed at night is a delicious habit of ours. My children know each night that we have the three B's after dinner.

Bath Books Bed

We start in daughter's room and she gets three or four books of her choice. Everyone piles in her bed while I read (sometimes if I am super tired and I can tear hubbie away from his laptop, he will read). Then on to son's room after daughter is all tucked in. (We are onto chapter books with son right now and daughter is not too interested in these books) Baby girl will follow along to both rooms enjoying whatever is going on as long as she in included. Son will always say, one more chapter as he is really getting into books right now. What will I do in a couple of years when he won't want me to red to him any longer? Next is baby girl . . . she presently is read to the most as she will sit for more than an hour, running back and forth to the book shelves, emptying them each night with her choices.

I hope my children will have fond memories of the nightly ritual of the 3 B's. Especially the Book part!

So, what are your fondest memories of bedtime stories?

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