I'm In Heaven . . .

(singing "I'm in Heaven . . .")

THIRTEEN NEW STARS WILL SHINE AS DANCING WITH THE STARS RETURNS FOR ITS SEVENTH SEASON. The Three-Night Premiere Event Begins Monday, September 22. Survivor premieres September 25th & Amazing Race premieres on September 28th. Entourage & CALIFORNICATION are also returning in the month of September. I am going to heaven, I swear! TV heaven! Weeds is ending just in time.

I love Dancing With The Stars. Seriously, I Love this show so much. My hubbie hates this show so much and retreats to the basement when I watch this show. Eyes glazed over!

LANCE BASS - hope he gets voted out first
TONI BRAXTON - love her voice - rooting for her
BROOKE BURKE -- she's so cute - rooting for her too
ROCCO DISPIRITO - all kinds of sexy - rooting for him
MAURICE GREENE - don't kno whim, but he must be good??
KIM KARDASHIAN - plleeaaasseee - hope she gets the boot first as well!
CLORIS LEACHMAN - this is one hilarious lady - hope she lasts a couple of weeks at least!
CODY LINLEY - too young for me - bye bye!
SUSAN LUCCI - secretly want her to win! Doesn't everyone? Don't think she will though.
MISTY MAY-TREANOR - we shall see some muscles!
TED MCGINLEY - funny guy - don't think he'll last long.
JEFFREY ROSS - no clue who this dude is.
WARREN SAPP - again, no clue, I don't watch football.

Be sure to watch!!

Survivor & Amazing Race . . . also some of my favorite reality TV! Hubbie enjoys these shows as well as me. I keep telling my hubbie to try out for Survivor. I think he would do well! He's big, brooding, hairy, what's not to like? I would LOVE to do the Amazing Race with hubbie. I think we would do well, except that we yell at each other and we would be the couple that everyone hates!!!!!!

Come September 7th you will be sitting down and enjoying the Fifth Season of Entourage.
Now those are some cute boys!

CALIFORNICATION Returns September 28th. This show is hilarious . . . to me anyway. I watch it at night, when everyone is sleeping. My children are not allowed one peek of this show and hubbie once again hates this!

These shows will have to tide me over until the return of Lost in 2009!

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