Photostory Friday ~ Visitors From China

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We had visitors from Beijing, China this past weekend. My Dear Friend and her Dear Spouse and Dear Son#1 & Dear Son#2 were in town. It was fabulous to see her and her gorgeous family again. It has been too long! We caught up and gabbed all day long. Oh, how I missed her. Dear Spouse calls me her white twin! It is so funny, we are so alike in so many ways, despite our ethnic differences! She is a delight to be around, she is very mild mannered and her children are truly the BEST behaved children I have ever seen!
Me & Dear Friend

Dear Friend & baby girl (baby girl is named after Dear Friend, this was their first meeting and it was love at first sight on both sides)
Son, Daughter & Dear Son#1

first time having Dippin' Dots (they didn't enjoy too much, but I don't blame them, these dots are not too tasty)

Dear Son# 2 first time having Cheese & Crackers. I also gave them Fruit by the Foot & Oreo handi-snacks, which they hadn't had before & loved.

We parted way with many hugs and promises of emails and the location of the nearest Target for Dear Friend to stock up on snacks, shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc & toys! They were flying back to Beijing in time for the Olympics!

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