Tuesday Tantrum

Well, I was working a good couple of hours this morning on my blog.
If you were visiting me and saw all kinds of color changes, many apologies.
I keep changing the background, the colors, the this or the that. I want Tiaras & Tantrums to be just perfect. BUT, I can't see to find the perfect coordinating colors for me. I like the look of the backgrounds today (that doesn't me that I won't change my mind tomorrow). I am not so sure of the outline colors right now though. I still don't like the fonts, but can't seem to find the perfect one.

I saw a post on A Crafty Mom's BLOG about a Mosaic of Me. It seemed easy enough. I actually completed the task, the post and posted it. It is harder that it seems OR I am just one big dummy! But I didn't like it, so I deleted it. I couldn't get the damn mosiac enlarged. I was getting very frustrated and was spending way more time than I wanted to. So.I.Hit.Delete.

Instead, I will post about my shopping excursion. I went to the mall last night to buy my friend's daughter a birthday gift. She's going to be 24 and she is fun to buy for and always likes whatever I get her(thank heavens). I have the three kiddies with me as hubbie is at church again this week. They were really well behaved. I took them to McDonald's first and they were happy with their new toys.

The two stores I wanted to look at are Forever 21 & H&M. I personally LOVE H&M for the kids, and sometimes I can find something I like as well. I bought the girls really cute matching shirts, more hair clips and my son a skull umbrella. I bought a t-shirt, summery (is this a word?)shirt and yoga pants for myself. (Frankly, I could live in t-shirts and yoga pants until the day I die) Nothing for the birthday girl, so off to Forever 21. This store is HUGE and the kiddies are starting to get really bored. I am trying to hurry, but there are just so many cute clothes to look at. I picked some adorable shirts(five) for my friend's daughter. I also picked up some new summery shirts for myself. As I stated before, I live in t-shirts. I have about 20 white t-shirts, a couple of black, pink or grey ones. But normally, all you will see me in are white t-shirts, jeans, and if not jeans, yoga pants. I.Do.Not.Wear.Shorts.In.Public! (I have pasty white legs).

I don't know where I am going to wear these cute new tops. Mostly to church I am sure. My hubbie is going to give me 'the look' I know. Whenever I wear anything other than a t-shirt I get 'the look' from him. I don't know why, I ask him and he refuses to comment. He doesn't like it when I dress "cute, fun, nice". But he's going to have to get over it!

I was going to post a picture of the shirts, but blogger is not cooperating right now.

SO, after the two clothing stores, I take the kiddies to KB Toys. They were really good in the other stores for me, and it is boring as ever to shop for clothes, so I was going to spoil them a bit. We walk in and my son goes right for the Transformers. Christ they put out an entire new shelf of old Transformers Universe. My son was just getting into Transformers when this line was almost completely sold out of all the toy shelves. Well, he's going nuts over all the transformers that he doesn't have. Why do they do this to parents??? I let him pick four. Off to the PetShop aisle for daughters. Baby picks up a pony along the way and she is set. Daughter picks a Petshop she doesn't have and she is set. My son is asking for this toy or that toy all the way over to the Petshop aisle and all the way to the cash register. He is really giving me a hard time. I tell him, if you want this one now, take two transformers away. He is on the verge of a meltdown. I see it on his face. I needed to get out of that store PRONTO! I pay, we leave. Is the meltdown avoided? NO and a BIG FAT NO!

My son, ARGH!!!! He is so greedy! Where does this come from? My daughters were so happy with their one little toy, not a peep from them. My son proceeds to tell me that I am not a nice momma. That next time we go to the toy store I better buy him every toy he wants. He is furious at me, he can barely speak to me through his gritted teeth. I am trying not to laugh at him, because I know that I am not teaching him anything by just laughing at him. All the way to the car he is going on and on that he didn't get the four (YES FOUR) other toys that he wanted. By the time I am driving away, I am fully irritated with him and his stinky attitude. I tell him he is ungrateful, he is rude to me, he is greedy and he is being very mean to me right now AND I am telling daddy on him. I said various other things as well, like, I don't have a direct line to a bank account that holds free money, that we have to pay for this or that etc. I did tell my husband and my husband gave him THE EXACT same speech. BUT - BUT - BUT, he listens to my husband and not me. ARGH! Double ARGH!

I'm a push over!

**no pictures still - blogger you suck right now!