Pizza, Rocket Rod, Orange Juice, Blueberry Cobbler & Snickerdoodles

Home tonight by my lonesome with the kiddies. Hubbie at church for a meeting. Actually tonight and tomorrow. Ordered pizza delivery tonight since hubbie was not going to be home for dinner. Something I NEVER do. I'm too cheap. $35! That is just craziness!! The pizza was delicious, but still, irks me!

I went to Super Target today for a few grocery items. Why do I shop at Super Target versus the local grocery store, which happens to be either Jewel or Dominick's (there are other grocery stores, but not in close proximity: Aldi, which I have never been to, Meijer, never been here either as this one is very far from my house, or little local Asian, Italian or Hispanic grocers, but these grocers don't have very choice produce)? Because I'm always in a hurry, because Super Target is literally 4 minutes from my house, because Super Target is one stop shopping for me!

Really we went to Target today, after baseball, to get my son the Rocket Fishing Rod. My husband tried to purchase this yesterday at Walmart, but it was sold out. On line this rod sells for $39.99 + S&H! Outrageous! Walmart cost is $25 and at Target, the price was $29.99. ARGH!! Of course, I have to buy two, because the son and daughter will just fight like alley cats over one.

While at Target I buy a few grocery items. We were almost out of orange Juice. We only drink one kind. Tropicana Calcium, NO PULP. Everyone drinks it, everyone loves it, we drink gallons of it all week. The price of this juice has steadily risen over the past two years. When the Target first opened, this juice cost $3.87. Awesome because the local Jewel sold it for $2 more! Just crazy. Today, new container, new price again. $5.19, stating it was on sale. No way! The price USED to be $4.87 AND NOW the container is smaller. Note the pictures. A full seven ounces less for .32 more! Not happy here with Tropicana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spied some lovely blueberries and bought a couple of containers. Thinking a blueberry cobbler would be nice for hubbie. I DO NOT like blueberries, just plain blueberries. Put them in a pie or a cobbler, YUM YUM!! See my juicy cobbler. A bit runneth over, but I think it will be delicious.

I was looking over the pudding to see if the kiddies wanted any this week and spied a package of premade Snickerdoodle cookies. WOW! I don't think I had seen or heard of a Snickerdoodle since I was a child. I used to make this cookie all the time when I was younger. My brothers and I loved this cookie. Now, prepackaged snickerdoodle cookie dough! Oh Joy! I could finally use some of the Hershey's Kisses that grandma gave the kids for Valentine's Day(3 packages thank you very much)! I cut all the cookies up and unwrapped the kisses. Daughter had fun topping the squares of dough with kisses. In the oven they go. BIG MISTAKE. Little did I remember that the kisses should not go in the oven to bake with the dough. The tops of the kisses are a bit burnt, but the cookies are good. My kids even ate them!

Hubbie will be home soon and will have ordered in pizza, snickerdoodles and blueberry cobbler.

Wonder what I can order in tomorrow for dinner?