Wormy Spaghetti, Glass Eye, The Shrinks & Muggle-Wump Monkeys

The Twits By Roald Dahl ~ My son received this book for his birthday last year. I started to read it a bit first as I couldn't remember ever reading any Ronald Dahl books as a child. At first I was not so sure that I wanted my son to hear all this black-humor (some parts are down right mean) OR if he would even enjoy it. Was I wrong! My son LOVED The Twits! So much so that I had to read it to him four times in a row.

This book is a quick read, and it's full of gross hygiene deficiencies, practical jokes and mischievous monkeys. Mr. Twit has the nastiest, ugliest beard known to mankind, the only thing nastier and uglier being Mrs. Twit with her glass eye.

Everything about this book is funny!

After reading it so much I decided to purchase a few more Ronald Dahl books.

-Hey anything to get my son excited to sit and read with me!

George's Marvelous Medicine

: A must-read for any young child with a vivid imagination!

**For the parents who worry that little kids will copy what they read in the book (mixing together nasty potions and feeding it to a living creature), you shouldn't have to worry about that unless you've raised intensely mischevious children!

The Witches

: Thoroughly entertaining and delightfully disgusting!

Fantastic Mr. Fox

: It's a fun story, but not exactly morally uplifting - your kids will love it!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

Brilliantly imagined and really fun to read.

Roald Dahl never fails to delight, thrill, and utterly captivate.