It is Official!

My Baby Is A Baby No More!!

My baby is officially a toddler. I don't know if I can stop calling her a baby though.

She is still the baby of the family, so I think baby she will still be!

This was a hard birthday for me I have to say. Usually, I am a big planner of parties. Theme picked, everything perfect and in it's place. Not this time around. My hubbie says I was in complete denial. If I was in denial, it was completely in my subconscious!

I didn't even look for a present early for this poor baby girl. Thursday night at 8 PM I am leaving to go shop at Target for something to give this child! Terrible, just terrible of me.

I did bake an amazing cake for her though. No party though. I can't do parties for small children anymore. Too much for me, too much for the babies, to much, simply too much!

My Baby Girl had a fabulous time singing to herself and telling trying to hold up two fingers!

She loved her presents, even though brother and sister wouldn't let her open them!

The cake was delicious and I have survived my baby officially becoming a toddler!