Today's Task & Other Tidbits

Hubbie: "Can you go shopping tomorrow for a baby gift for one of my employees. Here is the money that I have collected from everyone."
Me: "Boy or Girl?"
Hubbie: "Girl"
Me: "No problem"
Me: "Did you order a cake or cupcakes?"
Hubbie: "Umm . . . Do I need to?"
Me: "Yes"
Hubbie: "Can't I just give her the present?"
Me: "Nope"
Hubbie: "Well, that's what my boss did when Baby was born?"
Me: "Yeah, well, your boss sucks arse" (he now has a different manager)
Hubbie: (here it comes) "Umm . . can you take care of that as well"
Me: "Yep, do I have a choice?"

Shopping for a new baby girl, what a joy! More shopping you say, and not even my money again!
After school today, with 3 kids, no less, off to the mall for shopping, with a promise for ice cream if they behave superbly, and licks for me as well!
Cash in the envelope, first stop, Old Navy, a few things, not too much to pick from actually. $42.00 down. Next stop, Gap Kids; again, so few selections, but I was able to spend $100 (not hard to do). Last stop to polish off the money was Gymboree, Cute stuff, not so cute prices! I think that I purchased enough of a variety for this gal and I do hope she likes these things.
Kids were GREAT! We stopped for ice cream and lunch at McD's (no, it is not all I feed my kids). After Baby was done eating, she stands up and gets the look. Yes, ladies you know the one. The poopey face. Worst thing about this was that 2 hours previously at Son's school, I had used my last diaper!!!!! Argh. I was hoping for a not too dirty diaper. Of course not, diarrhea. So on her pants go without a diaper and I am walking (as fast as I possibly can with 2 young children walking behind a stroller). Hoping beyond all hope that I make it to the car without any accidents. I do have diapers in the glove box for said emergencies (I don't totally suck at this mom thing). We made it!

On the way home, I am driving past a local high school that is letting out. I just have to say this. What the hell are these teenagers thinking? They dress like slobs!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like to think that I am that old, but in my day (I can't believe I am saying that), I would NEVER have been out in public in what I see today. Sweat pants hanging off their asses, underneaths showing, (girls and boys mind you), sloppy shoes and shirts and hair. I could go on and on. Almost every teenager I saw had A) ear plugs & B) cellular phone. Can you listen to music and talk on the phone at the same time? I can't??

I'm saying it now, I'm sooooo not ready for teenagers in my house!!!!!!

Off to wrap Baby presents now!