New Kitchen-sort of . . .

I had new kitchen counters installed about a month ago. Granite.
I gave into hubbies request after years of telling me that we(even though I am the only one who cooks and cleans in that kitchen) 'needed' granite counters.
I don't like the look of granite, and I don't like the coldness of granite.
New counters in, installers tore a big ass hole in my wall and said when I asked if they were going to repair it: "at least the counter is in". WTF? I had to walk away right then and there and left my hubbie to deal with these insolent installers!
I still don't like the counters though. They are cold, really, not only cold looking, but really cold. Every time I put the baby up on the counter, she states, "cold, cold". They do look nice, but I can't see if they are dirty unless I really get down at an angle and look to see a perfect gleam.
LOVE my new deep sink though!
My dilemna now is the backsplash. I opted out of the granite backsplash. I have since been to every tile store within a 50 mile radius of my house looking for the perfect tile to have installed as a backsplash. Have also searched every possible website on the net. My favorite choices are below. I am almost 100% sure on the small squares. Hubbie, naturally, does not like and says they look like something from the 50's?? Whatever! He wants to use the leftover tiles from our master bathroom. AS IF!