Our winter this year is unseasonably warm & Chicago-like frigid! The air is far from crisp one day and crisp as ever the next. Our sky far from blue; instead we suffer gray days, loads of snow and some rain. We cheer ourselves up by visiting Navy Pier Winter Wonderland and sliding down inflated tubes and riding rides. My daughter begins Preschool at the Park District and is much happier and enjoying her mornings! My son begins rock-climbing classes and T-Ball. Son & Daughter both begin a bowling class at the local bowling alley. We start the New Year out in Wisconsin Dells at a wonderful water park. This is our yearly tradition. The children have so much fun. The girls were sleeping and hubbie was drinking champagne (by himself, I hate champagne and not the entire bottle, just a nip) and son and I went down to the kid's area for the balloon drop at midnight! It was grand, and son loved it! Our anniversary was the second, how did seven years pass by so quickly? The month is very snowy and we all enjoy many days sledding down the big hill next to our house. Hubbie is still with working and I am still a SAHM.
The month starts out in a deep freeze. Much too cold to enjoy sledding, although with the abundance of snow, we were able to build another snowman! We visit the Field Museum in Chicago for a wonderful afternoon exploring, mummies and dinosaur fossils! I bake loads of delicious cupcakes for my son’s school classmates for his Valentine’s party. Nearing the end of February and still snowing. We attend friend's birthday parties and have loads of fun. School is going well for the son and daughter.
The month of March is still freezing! Still snowing ~ where oh where is Spring? We are all gagging to go outside. Whenever the temperature reaches a level where the children can go out, we are outside! I didn't think the river of ice was ever going to melt in our backyard! Loads of birthday celebrations in March as well for family and friends. St Patrick’s Day comes and goes in a green blur with a fun day for the children and some green frosted cookies! We spent one glorious (messy) evening dying 36 eggs! Oh the fun the children had! On March 21st we awoke to four inches of snow on the ground and more was falling! Easter was wonderful and we loved to watch the excitement & joy the children had in searching out the location for all the chocolate filled eggs! The children have spring break from school and we are heading down to Mexico for some sunny days! We had a wonderful, sun-filled vacation. We head to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a greatly appreciated warm-up. We lap up the sunshine on the beach for a week. We swim so much, I think our hair turned green!
We begin the month in PV, Mexico and return to gloomy Chicago. A bit of a social month with lots going on as the weather thaws. Blossoms pop up all over our house, along with the magnificent and profuse daffodil flowers. The sun makes a brief appearance for a couple of days. I see bits of green grass trying to break free from the frozen earth! My flowers, tulips and daffodils are starting to pop up. Perhaps in time for Mother's Day! Soccer starts this week for son and daughter. Hopefully it won't be too cold on Saturday mornings! Soccer will take over our Saturdays for the next two months now, but the children have a great time! My son still doing well at St. Peter and is still continuing with Enrichment. My daughter loves Preschool at the Park District. Baby girl having fun staying home with momma for special playing time! April 28th, it snowed for a brief period in the morning. We are (almost) turning the air conditioner on one day and the furnace back on two days later. This month is wacky! My tulips and daffodils have bloomed and will likely be frozen off! The month ends with rain and cold!
Quite an uneventful month! The weather improves markedly after a horrid winter. We get out and about a lot. Mother’s Day was fabulous and I had a wonderful, spoiled day! The kids’ social season heats up with birthday parties and school events galore. The weather is hit or miss, each day we don't know if it will be cold, rainy or if the sun will make an appearance (only happened a few times). We are gearing up for the end of the year school events and signing up for all summer activities. Soccer is in full swing and once again daughter refuses to play. We don't even bother sending her to the games as there really is no point. My son is enjoying soccer practice, but not the games so much. But he is getting better. My son has a Celebration at school and sings splendidly! Daughter finishes Preschool at the Park District and says goodbye to her teachers and new friends. Baby girl and I enjoy some girly alone time. Hubbie continues to work hard at Motorola and I continue to scrub floors!
The kids break for the long hot summer. My son finishes school on June 2nd and was perhaps the happiest little boy on the face of the planet. Soccer finishes after the first week of June. The second week of June all our new activities begin. T-Ball and Rock-Climbing for my son, Softball and Art for daughter and Art for little baby girl. We planted a garden with loads of juicy tomatoes and are trying pumpkins for the first time. The children had wonderful afternoons digging for worms! Feeling the Wormy Love, the children were in Worm Heaven! June went by quickly with a few festivals. Lots of baking and summer cooking and grilling! Our little baby celebrated her second birthday with a small family party. My Little Ponies were the invited guests. All our flowers are in full bloom and our front yard smells divine!
Wow, how quickly July was upon us! The Fourth of July came and went with a trip to the Ribfest. Can you say Yummy! I have decided if we ever move Naperville will be our new town of residence! Towards the end of the month the heat and humidity is in full force here! We are swimming, slip-n-sliding, crafting, and home schooling, playing, parking, fishing, and base/soft-balling it up this month! Oh, and the carnivals, we cannot forget the carnivals!! We spent a wonderful weekend in the city with old friends who were visiting from Beijing. What a splendid weekend and much too long between our visits! Summer vacation is quickly fading and we can not believe how fast!
August is a busy month. We are winding down with baseball and softball. We spend one gorgeous day at the zoo and see many animals, as the day was not too hot. Then off to South Haven, Michigan for a much needed vacation on the beach at Resort. What a fabulous time we had, in spite of the rain. (What is up with rain on our vacations please?) To the pool, to the beach, to arts & crafts, to the playground, back to the pool, down to the beach for campfires and s’mores Oh, and a birthday celebration for daddy! One glorious morning was spent picking buckets and buckets of blueberries. The children became blueberry thieves that day! What a great time we had in Michigan. So much so we want to buy a summerhouse there! School starts for my son at month end. First grade. How did this happen so fast? The girls are a bit lost without brother at home with them. And I have to say I am a bit sad and lost as well.
Wow, could it be already, fall is nearing . . . no, no, and no! Daughter starts school at the beginning of the month at a new school. Hopefully she will adjust superbly! Daughter and I have birthdays a couple of days apart this month. Daughter celebrated her fifth birthday with a small family party with loads and loads of Pet Shops! The family spoils us both and it is so nice to be a girl! The weather is still wonderful and we are outside as much as we can be. Meagan begins ballet and tap this month and she loves it. Poor wee baby girl’s ballet class was canceled and she cries and cries that she can’t join sister for dancing.
Halloween hits us hard and fast – the children have a fabulous time decorating the front yard as a cemetery. This marvelous time would run a close second to Christmas for the children – they LOVE it!! We visited every pumpkin patch in our area this season and enjoyed every single pumpkin, petting zoo, hay ride, pony ride and then some and the children wanted more! (Isn’t that always the way) Basketball starts for my son and he is really enjoying running up and down the court. Son & Daughter are taking swimming lessons as well and having a blast. My son has informed us that he intends to be the next Michael Phelps, and we believe him! We painted pumpkins, carved pumpkins, baked loads of cookies and cakes and cupcakes and ate all of those delicious treats! We spent a wonderful afternoon picking apples and eating at least six apiece! Delicious day! Trick or Treating was extra fun this year, as we didn’t have to bundle up. Imagine that in Chicago!
My son is doing astounding work in school and reading so many books each week for the Accelerated Reading Program. He also continues in the Enrichment Program. Daughter is just beginning to read and making hubbie and I so very proud! Baby girl cries everyday when we drop off sister to school . . . begging to go to school as well. Her two little toddler classes are just not keeping her little inquisitive mind active enough! My son has been practicing a song so much at home that we all have it memorized, just in time for a little concert at church. Thanksgiving snuck up on us too quickly this year. But we celebrated by eating a huge turkey dinner with family. Delicious!
The Silly Season gets underway. Son celebrates his birthday this month, turning 7 years old. He is so proud to be getting older and hubbie and I are sad to see our little boy turn into a big boy. He has his first loose tooth and it is perhaps the most important aspect of his short life right now! Mason is the speaker at the Advent service for his Christmas program. We were so proud of him as he memorized four paragraphs and did not forget one word (he was very proud of himself as well). The children break for two weeks in December, keen for the countdown to Christmas. The Big Day will be a family one, opening pressies and enjoying a luscious Christmas feast.

Wishing you a fabulous
May All Your Days Be Bright