. . . more than normal . . .

So I have sort of been going a bit crazy . . . more than normal . . . I have way too much to do . . . last March, we had new granite counter installed (see here) . . . in May, I finally decided on the tiles for the back-splash and installed those myself (yes, I am handy). . . I have been waiting since May for dear husband to grout . . . well, it never happened. Thursday morning I woke up, and sick and tired of looking at gaping electrical boxes in my kitchen . . . so I grouted and grouted and grouted . . . for hours and hours and hours. And I am still not done. My arms were aching so much and the poor children . . . they were just beside themselves, especially wee baby girl. She's not used to momma ignoring her little whims and whines for so long. I have to finish this coming week, but really wish DH would do it. That is not going to happen though . . . since I started it, the project is now mine. That is how his brain works.

Saturday we hosted my son's kids birthday bash here at our house. It was a dismal turnout . . . I felt so bad for him. We invited 15 boys and only 3 were able to attend. My husband took them all sledding, so I think it turned out to be a fun day. Actually, it was quite nice for me, because usually I am running around like a crazed zombie! His actual birthday is today and he is 7 years old. He has been so excited for his birthday, counting down the days on a calendar in his room. Last night we discovered two new molars coming in and he almost broke his face, the smile was so big. He's growing up and maturing so rapidly, my little boy. I'm so busy these days, I just don't spend enough time with him and in a couple of years . . . I know he is not going to want too. I need to take more time away from the chores of this (stupid) house and focus more on the fun and silly stuff with my kids.

Here are the cupcakes that I baked and decorated for the party

Sunday I was running errands . . . trying to get all my shopping done for my son's christmas party at school . . . I am the room mom . . . I have all the crafts, treats, games, prizes and goodie bags purchased. Now I just have to get everything ready without my girls getting into it all! I also had to shop for gifts for the giving tree at our church. I never know what people will like for their children and the tags only ever list the age and sizes of the child. Then I had to get grocery shopping completed. I did the short rush version yesterday and will likely be back midweek for more necessaries. Aargh! My DH usually calls me 12 times while I am out running errands. But he left me alone . . . I couldn't believe it . . . I was on my way home and the phone rang . . . I knew it was him . . . wondering where I was.

I came home to find furniture rearranged and the bottom of the christmas tree up . . . waiting for lights to be added (that's my job in the building part). I was harried and tired and hungry and thirsty from being out and running around in this freezing weather for 3 hours . . . but the children were all sitting and waiting . . . with the biggest smiles . . . so I sucked it up and helped with the lights. The children were having so much fun. I let them decorate a bit before dinner.

When I left . . . my son was to do his homework . . . he needed to write a (small) report on Abraham Lincoln and DH was supposed to help him. Well, the report was not done and neither was math homework or reading homework. I was not too happy. I asked DH what he was doing and replied . . . "Well, I had to do my laundry and watch football". I turned the television off and he almost had a fit as he needed to watch the post game highlights. Does the volume really need to be so loud DH?

When I was looking for party supplies in my crawl space earlier in the week . . . I discovered my old heating blanket . . . by old I mean, that it was mine prior to getting married . . . mine in my own condo . . where I slept by myself in my super comfy queen size bed . . . where I could put the heating blanket on and turn it as high as I liked . . . where I didn't hear Saturday night when DH went to bed . . . "Hey honey, did you put a heating blanket on the bed . . . you're going to burn the house down, it's under the mattress you know" . . . well, it was NOT under the mattress . . . (silly DH) and I couldn't wait to crawl into those nice warm sheets . . . Aargh . . the little turd turned it off! I was ready to kill him . . . I did wake him up to let him know I was not happy that he did that . . .

so that was my weekend . . . I will be helping the children decorate the tree later . . . as I have strict instructions from my son to not touch it and if I do he's going to cry for 4 hours and he will not talk to me for the rest of the day (if I could be so lucky-hee hee). Dear Son has requested a spaghetti dinner for his birthday and a zombie cake. Don't think the zombie cake is in the picture . . . more like, he's getting leftover cupcakes from Saturday!

Don't forget . . . come here tomorrow for What Are You Wearing?(I won't have Mr Linky up until after I am all ready. . . I will try to get it by 8 AM) Get your cameras ready, strike a pose and show off your sense of style! Here is my post from last week if you need an idea . . .

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