Do you Dust Your Lampshades?

Question Of The Day?

How often do you dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom . . . change the sheets? Every couple of weeks or so when the cleaning lady comes in and it all gets done? How about happy kids and family, even at the expense of letting the house go a little? I used to be one of those women that was a perfectionist with my house. Seriously, I think that I confused who I was with how clean my house was.

I had closets where you could actually see the floor. Clothes actually hanging up, or if dirty, in a hamper, sorted by color! This I assure you, is not really possible in my world today. I try to keep up. I used to spend all of my free time toiling away at making my house nice and tidy(this was before I had three children), but why? My kids don't notice, my husband doesn't notice, and the dog doesn't care! My children would much rather spend the time playing, than spend the time picking up toys and putting everything back in it's place.

I am very jealous of that mom with a spotless kitchen and floors! But I bet she has a cleaning service. If not, perhaps she spends every waking moment ignoring her kids so that she can clean all day.

I tried cleaning ladies/services…I hired one almost 3 years ago to come twice a month to do the deep cleaning, floors, bathrooms, etc…it is worth every penny…the first month or so. Then the slacking starts . . . more and more each month . . . the toliets were not clean, there was still dust under the tables . . . I have tried a couple of different services over the years and I always end of firing them after about 4 months. If they can't clean a toliet, then what am I paying them for? Plus, if I am vacuuming everyday because of the dog and cleaning the bathrooms everyday because of the children . . . why would I pay someone to come every two weeks? Really was a waste of money! I fired them all.

And since I discovered blogging and became a blogger- FORGET IT! I am a blogger with 3 kids ~ it is just not possible to keep a clean house any longer. There are not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done.

Don't worry too much about me . . . I AM ashamed . . . I fear the chaos. I do not embrace it. I do worry that someone may pop over and see my house in disarray. My house is a mess right now and it is OKAY (sort of, only because the floors are vacuumed and the toliets are clean).

So, which type are you? How clean is your house? Would you make a deal with the devil for an eternally clean house? Or are you happy to just spend time making messes with the kids and deal with the fallout whenever?

Let’s get down to the nitty, gritty grime and dirt. How often do you:

Dust . . (every other day). This is possibly the most boring thing on the planet to do! I hate to dust, it is a necessary evil. I didn't have to dust this much UNTIL we got DD (Damn Dog). IT sucks, and I dislike her even more for creating more work for me.

Vacuum. . (every day). I do this every day, sometimes twice a day. Depends what gets dropped or spilled. I honestly don't know where the crumbs come from? Plus, I have a dog who sheds and I HATE DOG HAIR. Love my Dyson!

Clean the bathroom . . (every day). I can not stand one little spot of anything in my bathroom. I am weird like that, I clean the bathrooms(I have 3 of them) every single day. Plus, I have three children who forget to flush the toliets, who have bad aim in the toliet, who like to give their animals and Polly Pockets baths in the sinks, who leave towels every where but in their place and who drip water from sink to the hallway looking for the towels that are strewn all across the floor.

Change the sheets . . . (on Sunday mornings, more if someone wets the bed)

Laundry . . (every day) I have three kids . . enough said!

Do you dust your lampshades . . . (YES). I was wondering this last week as I was dusting my lampshades . . . am I the only one who does this? Why do I do this? Am I weird? IS this a normal cleaning task?

I am overwhelmed with housework in my house . . . it is daunting really.


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