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Do you take your kid trick-or-treating? Yes or No or I don’t have a kid of the right age

Yes, for me . . . every year, rain or shine, China or the USA, cold or hot . . . I will always trample through leaves or snow or whatever hurdle there may be so my children can experience this joy and elation of hearing the plunk, plunk of the candy hitting their pumpkin pails. I will never tire of the sheer happiness on their faces as they tear from one house to the next pounding on the doors and waiting to shout "Trick or Treat". Oh, to be a kid again.

Do you dress up for Halloween? Yes or No

I do not dress up for Halloween. This is so not my thing. The picture above is hubbie and children in 2006. He will dress up, isn't that what dads are for?

Is your kid excited when you wear a Halloween costume? Yes or No or I don’t have a kid of the right age

I have no idea if they would be or not. Mine probably would think Momma's lost her mind a bit! But, they do expect daddy to dress up!

Would you dress up for Halloween if it were easy? Yes or No

I can honestly say that I will not dress up for Halloween whether it is easy or not.
Me + costumes = do not equal joy! Ha ha ha ha

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