Sep 2007



We started out the month in Florida at Disney, with Grandparents as well. The children, of course, had a fabulous time. Florida remains stinking HOT! We had a fabulous Pirate and Princess perfect time, except for the rain and the heat. Oh, did I mention how hot it was? We tried to do more than was possible with 70 & 77 year old grandparents (who, bless their hearts, did amazingly well!) and 3 small children in tow! You really need at least one full week to see everything! We tried, but, alas, will have to return without grandparents and spend more than 4 days there! Plus, a different time of year would be better, as the heat, REALLY SUCKED! My daughter spent an hour at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Oh, what a wonderful, sparkly, princessey time! She didn't stop smiling for the entire time. She looked absolutely beautiful. Her hair and makeup, just gorgeous! Boy, are we in trouble during the teens! My daughter turned four this month and had Princess & Pirate party with her friends. One hour prior to the start of the party, The two oldest were vomiting all over the hardwood floor! Just horrific! Everyone had a marvelous, treasure hunting time! My daughter was sleeping after the cake and didn't even open her presents or say good-bye to anyone! I turn 40 this month and it has to be said, "What is the BIG deal?!" I am proud to say that I still weigh the same as I did in jr. high, more grey hair, a few wrinkles, less energy. But basically have aged well! Had a full physical and am in GREAT health and shape. Eat well, don't drink, don't smoke, exercise and stay happy and positive! If I get more sleep, I think I would look even better! Still a size 4 and loving it!! Our extracurricular activities start and we are once again busy with soccer, computer class, art class and ballet.

Cake Table for Princess & Pirate Birthday Party for my daughter.