Nov 2007


Happy Fall! This is by far my favorite season. The cooler temperatures and the leaves falling are a welcomed sign of fall, especially after a hot summer. And by the end of the month, it is officially cold. Very, very suddenly, as is always the way here in Chicago. Starting this month also is the vicious cycle of sniffing, sneezing, coughing and running noses! It is a busy, busy time. Lots of get togethers and parties going on before Christmas. Thanksgiving is celebrated at home with a beautiful turkey and all the trimmings ~ simply delicious! My brother and his son came and I cooked for my family and him and my nephew. Cousin's birthday was on Thanksgiving this year, our dessert was not the traditional pumpkin pie (which I detest anyway), but a delicious cake I made for dear nephew. His request Spiderman vs the Sandman. Turned out pretty good! My husband's parents and his brother and family came over (1 hour late - don't ask-it practically started a fight), and grandma cooked for that group, her own turkey, stuffing and gravy and pie (once again, don't ask). Our baby has finally begun to walk 100%! We are so proud of her cautious little steps! Four days after she begins to walk, I am at the E.R with her as she fell on the footstool, taking a dive to it from the recliner. Smashed her mouth, cutting her gum above her front tooth completely off. Just horrible. As I am shouting at the ER Dr to please help my baby and why wouldn't he do anything. After I had calmed down, he explained to me that there is no way to repair this damage on any child! Still devastating.



Spiderman vs Sandman Birthday Cake for cousin