Oct 2007


A huge month this is. My husband organizes another impressive Halloween house. Spooky and fun, all the children in the neighborhood stop to take a peek! We spend a wonderful day at a local Pumpkin Farm for our annual trip to gather pumpkins for Halloween carvings! We also made a trip to Navy Fear for a spooky afternoon in Chicago. The children had an amazing time exploring at The Children’s Museum. The children had a delicious trick or treating night! My son dressed as Johnny Blaze from Ghost Rider, my daughter as Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Little baby was dressed as a baby chick (at least for the photos- she wouldn't stop crying with the chick costume so I had to remove it and put on a sparkly skirt) ~ simply adorable! My son and daughter were running to each house, hardly containing their excitement for more candy. Even wee baby would hold out her little plastic pumpkin for more candy. She wouldn't relinquish the pumpkin to me for anything! While we were walking up and down our street, some teenager stole - YES, STOLE, all the candy I had so generously left at the door. Not once, but twice!! And the worst, they even took my candy bowl, later discovered in the woods next to my house. Never again will I be so generous and so nice! These teenagers ruined the wonderful experience for the little ones for the coming years. The children continue with soccer and my son is really becoming quite the little kicker!

Tasty Treats for my son's class at school. Yummy, spooky cupcakes!