Oct 2006

My son is so excited for Halloween; he can barely contain himself. He has been wearing his skeleton costume almost daily, sending my daughter screaming to hide in her room. We decorated the outside of our home with pumpkins, ghosts, cobwebs, spiders and many skeletons! It looked fantastic! We spent a wonderful fall day at Goebbert’s Pumpkin Farm with the children and grandparents. My son picked our beautiful, big pumpkins, which my husband and he had a blast carving! Of course, with skeleton faces! We spent three weeks this month with everyone sick; ear infections, strep throat, running noses, sneezing, and NO SLEEPING and only one trip to the emergency room! Everyone was well again in time for trick or treating. The children had a wonderful time bashing on doors and getting their treats! My son was ready to walk the neighborhood the entire evening. My daughter was fast asleep in the wagon before we even made it home, never relinquishing her pumpkin full up of candy! Baby was sleeping the evening away dreaming of pumpkins!