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Hallmark's Holiday Collection DVDs

Be sure to ring in the holiday season with with these new holiday movies, CHRISTMAS TRADE and A CHRISTMAS TAIL. In addition, get ready for the holiday season with Hallmark's Gift Collection featuring A Christmas Detour'Tis the Season for Love, Crown for Christmas, and Ice Sculpture Christmas. These 6 Hallmark Holiday DVD collections are perfect for anyone with a holiday spirit! 

Released November 3 on DVD, these fun films are sure to excite parents, children and even the family pooch! These will be perfect for the upcoming holiday as we have loads of family coming for an extended weekend. We can't wait to pop some popcorn and curl up with family over the long days we have off for the upcoming holidays!


Hallmark's Holiday Collection DVDs

Including all-star cast Denise Richards (Drop Dead Gorgeous), Tom Arnold (True Lies) and William Baldwin (Backdraft)CHRISTMAS TRADE tells the story of a single father and his son both wrapped up in their own issues until a mysterious toy causes them to live the holidays in each other’s shoes. 


Hallmark's Holiday Collection DVDs

Starring Antonio Cupo (American Mary) and Chandra West (White Noise), A CHRISTMAS TAIL shares the heartwarming story of two single parents that fall in love while “splitting custody” over a puppy they both wanted to give their children for Christmas.

‘Tis The Season For Love

Hallmark's Holiday Collection DVDs

When Hanna Baker (Sarah Lancaster) left her small town of Kern to seek the stardom that everyone knew was her destiny. Now, ten years later, with none of her dreams coming to fruition and feeling like a failure, Hanna heads back to Kern to cheer herself up with a real, hometown, family Christmas. Once back, Hanna sees that life in Kern has moved on quite nicely without her and she soon finds herself longing for her past. Everyone seems so content with their lives maybe leaving was a mistake. Everything changes when a magical Santa gives her the wonderful opportunity to see what her life would’ve been had she never left to pursue her acting dreams. And she is shocked to learn that her alternate reality is nothing like she ever could’ve imagined, opening her eyes to new possibilities, new opportunities and a whole new love she never even considered.

Ice Sculpture Christmas

Hallmark's Holiday Collection DVDs

As a little girl, Callie Shaw (Rachel Boston) always knew she wanted to be an amazing chef. Now, after spending years trying to get her foot in the door, she’s losing faith that she has what it takes to succeed. Is it time to give up? Working as the entry-level new hire in her hometown’s country club kitchen, Callie finally gets the opportunity to make a name for herself through a culinary Christmas ice- sculpture contest! The only problem is that she’s paired with David Manning (David Alpay), a handsome, wealthy entrepreneur who believes whole-heartedly in Callie’s talents but knows nothing about ice sculpture. If David can learn the ropes in time and help Callie believe she has all the right stuff, Callie just might enjoy a Christmas to remember, bringing her closer to a man who truly loves her and achieving her lifelong dream.

A Christmas Detour

Hallmark's Holiday Collection DVDs

Two NYC-bound travelers find themselves inextricably linked when a freak snowstorm waylays their Christmas plans to an overcrowded airport hotel in Buffalo. Eternal optimist and hopeless romantic Paige Summerlind (Candace Cameron Bure) desperately needs to find a way to the city so that she can meet her fiancé’s parents before her storybook wedding. It’s up to a guy she can’t stand, fellow passenger and total stranger Dylan Mackenzie (Paul Greene) – a guy permanently soured on romance after his girlfriend broke his heart – to rise to the occasion and become Paige’s off-White Knight in Shining Armor. Joining them are Frank and Maxine Gambert, an older couple who are heading to Connecticut to spend a final Christmas holiday together with Maxine’s aging parents. As their madcap adventure ensues, the foursome will be forced to face a lot more surprises than the ever-changing snowstorm preventing each of them from getting home.

Crown For Christmas

Hallmark's Holiday Collection DVDs

Allie (Danica McKellar) has taken care of her brothers and sisters ever since their parents died when they were just kids, and now, she and her sister, Lisa, work as maids in a first-class Manhattan hotel.  By a twist of fate, Allie meets Ryland (Rupert Penry-Jones), a king in disguise staying at the hotel, and on the very same day, loses her job due to unruly hotel guests. In an effort to apologize for Allie losing her job, one of Ryland’s closest servants offers her the role of governess (a glorified nanny) for Ryland’s ten-year-old daughter, Teddy. She hesitantly takes the position and moves to Europe to live in the castle, only to learn that Ryland and his daughter have both been closed off ever since the Queen died. Will Allie be able to get through to Ryland and Teddy and bring them together once again for

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