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Moochie Kalala: A New Chicago-Based WTTW Show #‎MoochieKalala‬

Moochie Kalala: A New Chicago-Based WTTW Show

Moochie Kalala: A New Chicago-Based WTTW Show #‎MoochieKalala‬

This past Sunday, the first episode of the new, Chicago kids' TV series, Moochie Kalala Detectives Club, started. Moochie Kalala inspires Chicagoland kids to discover science. Starring Tim Kazurinsky as the fun grandpa telling his grandchildren, Evelyn Alumbreros and Gregory Vasquez, amazing stories that lead them a search in Chicago's museums. 

Moochie Kalala: A New Chicago-Based WTTW Show #‎MoochieKalala‬

Each episode inspires Chicagoland children to discover science, and features a Chicago museum and its scientist! The first episode showed the grandchildren visiting the Adler Planetarium to learn what scientists know about the planet Mars. The Moochie Kalala detectives give the viewers a taste of what locals get to see all year long--our great city of Chicago. During each episoide they visit an area classroom to perform a basic science experiment related to that week's episode and museum visit.

Moochie Kalala: A New Chicago-Based WTTW Show #‎MoochieKalala‬

The remaining five episodes visit the Museum of Science and Industry to learn about tornadoes; the Lincoln Park Zoo to learn about big primates; the Field Museum  to see Sue, the T. Rex; the Robie House to discover Chicago's great architecture and the last episode will be at the Shedd Aquarium to learn about the beautiful beluga whales.

Moochie Kalala: A New Chicago-Based WTTW Show #‎MoochieKalala‬

This Sunday during Episode #2: The Grabinators vs. the Hoagies of Skunksville, featuring the Museum of Science and Industry Did you know that tornadoes are made from grabinators & hoagies? Either did the grandchildren, Kyle and Mandy, until Grandpa told his story. To check the facts, the detectives head to Museum of Science & Industry and meet with physicist Olivia Castellini.

Awesome Experiment #1 - Make a Tornado!!


  • Two 2-Liter clear plastic bottles (they should be empty bottles!)
  • Duct tape
  • 1 washer Water
  • Food coloring(any color)

Instructions for Experiment:

1. Fill one of the bottles two-thirds full with water.

2. Add food coloring to the water.

3. Take the metal washer and place it on top of the bottle opening.

4. Take the second bottle and place it upside down on top of the first one

5. Match the openings perfectly and tape with duct tape (tape tightly so no water leaks out).

6. Turn the bottles upside down so that the bottle with water is on top. Swirl thebottle in a circular counter-clockwise motion.

7. What shape does the water takeas it moves from the upper bottle to the lower one?

8. Now, change it up! Tip bottles slightly. Move faster or slower

What happens to the tornado? Does the Tornado get wider or narrower?

TV Air Times

Episode Names and Broadcast Dates

  • Episode 1 – Featuring the Adler Planetarium, “Space Dragon of Oceanic Mars”; launches 11 a.m., Sunday, Jan. 18
  • Episode 2 – Featuring Museum of Science and Industry, “The Grabinators & Hoagies of Skunksville”; launches 11 a.m., Sunday, Jan. 25
  • Episode 3 – Featuring Lincoln Park Zoo, “We’re All Good at Something”; launches 11 a.m., Sunday, Feb. 1
  • Episode 4 – Featuring The Field Museum, “Cave Girl & The T-Rex”; launches 11 a.m., Sunday, Feb. 8
  • Episode 5 – Featuring Frank Lloyd Wright Trust, “Magic Blocks of Creation”; launches 11 a.m., Sunday, Feb. 15
  • Episode 6 – Featuring Shedd Aquarium, “A Whale of a Tale”; launches 11 a.m., Sunday, Feb. 22

Moochie Kalala Detectives Club airs on WTTW Kids, Channel 11 in Chicago on Sundays at 11am, and on Saturdays at 7am. The shows are also available on Comcast VOD and will run March-June 2015 on WTTW Kids

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