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Chicago, IL

Teresa is a family lifestyle photographer in the suburbs of Chicago who is happy home educating her three children in the Christian classical education theory.


Classical Christian Education Chicago Educating Mom Blog with printables, curriculum, lesson plans and more!

Latin Present Tense Verb Endings Chant


What is a {latin} tense?

This lesson is on the "present tense". This describes what is happening presently (as in now). There are three ways of translating the present tense into English.

This example is the verb "to carry".

  1. I am carrying
  2. I carry
  3. I do carry

To decide which one to use, simply pick the one that makes the most sense in the sentence. Usually, the first version makes the most sense.

The first few Latin tenses that you learn tend to have the following endings:


Latin verbs have different rules governing the way they conjugate. For the most part, Latin verbs conjugate by attaching endings to the stems themselves, without all the separate helping words put in front of the stem as in English to tell you how to understand the action.

You must learn two things for Latin verbs: (1) the stems, and (2) how the stems are modified at the ends to show different conditions under which the action is occurring.

Here is the conjugation of the verb "to see" in the present tense in English.


I seewe see
you seeyou see
he, she, it, seesthey see

Here is the Latin translation for the verb English verb "to see" with these modifications.


1st videoI see
2nd videsyou see
3rd videthe/she/it sees

1st videmuswe see
2nd videtisyou see
3rd vident they see

Latin conjugates its verbs by attaching endings to the root of the verb itself. The common feature of the verb "to see" in Latin is the stem "vide-" and to show changes in person and number, Latin adds a suffix. These suffixes are called the "endings", because they indicate the person and the number of the conjugated form of the verb.

HEAVEN Stick book


Heaven for Kids, by Randy Alcorn: Teaching my children now about the New Earth, before they develop negative or untrue, ideas about Heaven, is quite important to my husband and I.  We want our children to be excited about meeting Jesus and God and not to have fears or doubts. The book raises all of the questions that kids ask about heaven and answers them with illustrations they can understand.

This book should be a part of every curriculum for children in my opinion. The truths it teaches are timeless and necessary to combat the lies about Heaven and the New Earth that too many Christians start believing when they are young children.

We have been studying Heaven and my daughter has been keeping a little journal called a Heaven stick book.  Each week, she answers questions related to the chapters we read together.  She is learning about a very special place that God is making.

Where relevant, I am including pages from Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven for Kids, for you to reference if you need to.

Questions for week 1:

page 1 Questions I have about Heaven:

page 2 Sometimes, I am afraid to die because:

page 3 Other times, I am not afraid to die because:

Questions for week 2: (1-5 sentence answers)

page 4             What is the present Heaven? (pp. 36-38)

page 5             What is the future Heaven?  (pp. 36-38)

page 6             Things I hope to ask Jesus:

page 7             When I see Jesus face to face, I think I will feel like this:

Book cover Decorate the cover of your book.  Use Rev. 21:1-22:21 as a reference and color a picture of the New Earth.  Use your imagination and make it as beautiful as you can.  Include a title for your book.  It can be as simple as “Heaven.”

Please use your neatest penmanship and write 1-5 sentences for each answer.  Where relevant, pages from Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven for Kids, are included for reference.

Questions for week 3: (1-5 sentence answers)

page 8             What I am most looking forward to about Heaven:

page 9             Who will be in Heaven?  (Use your knowledge of the beings in heaven as well as the Book of Life, etc.

page 10           How do you get to go to Heaven?  (pp. 179-184)

page 11           The part of the New Earth that seems most awesome to me is: (Use Rev. 21:1-22:21)

Name Write your name on the back of your book

Heaven Diorama


Materials needed:

1 shoe box (square is ideal, but rectangular is just fine)



construction paper

crayons, paint or glitter glue

Other possible materials:

decorative plastic “gems” from the craft store

miniature artificial trees and flowers (unless you make your own out of paper or other materials)

miniature plastic animals

aluminum foil or other shiny paper

popsicle sticks


cotton balls

anything else you can think of to build, enhance and decorate your diorama


The goal of this diorama is to create a miniature model of what you think Heaven (New Jerusalem) will look like based on Revelation 21:1-22:5. (Other neat reference to consider for your enhancements: Rev. 4:1-11)

Required elements:

·         Throne of God

·         River of Life

·         Tree of Life

·         Streets of gold

·         Gemmed walls of the city (the walls of the shoe box be your city walls)

·         12 gates of the city (do not need to be able to open them)

Other elements may be added according to your vision and creativity.  Read and reread Rev. 21:1-22:5 and look for as many details as possible.  See what you can reproduce in your diorama. 

May this project be an act of worship as you think about this beautiful place in which our God dwells and where one day we will live with Him forever.

"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come."

Revelation 4:8



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Homeschool Classroom Tour


I wanted to give those of you interested a peek into our homeschool classroom. It is very different this year than is was last year. I moved a number of things out that we were no longer utilizing and frankly, it was just so crowded with "Things & Stuff" that I did not feel it was conducive to learning.

Homeschool Classroom TourI am a full time homeschooler. I don't do this part time, and just because I homeschool full time does not mean I have it all figured out. I don't.  But I am in my 4th year of schooling at home, so I have learned a few things!

I converted our Sun Room into a school room when I decided to homeschool my children. It was our children's play room/media room. I The first couple of years I still allowed toys and games to share space, but this year, I moved all the toys to the basement and this room functions as a school room / media room. It is a big cluttered mess and it drives me crazy, but we need a classroom and we need all the "stuff" that comes with a classroom.Homeschool Classroom Tour

I love our workbox system! These boxes help our days run more smoothly. The work boxes help keep the kids on task AND keep me organized! Each of my children has their own way of organizing and I respect how they work. I can't tell them what is best for their little brains, but I do try to keep them organized. My two oldest prefer to work their crates and who am I to argue.

Homeschool Classroom Tour


Since our academy is a combo of at home and at school, we get a weekly spreadsheet for each week. The assignments are all on our spreadsheets per level - books, page numbers, assignments etc.  Each week the spreadsheet is emailed to us on Sunday evening and I print out each child's weekly syllabus and begin highlighting assignment and lining up the workboxes {or crates}.

Homeschool Classroom TourThe Sun Room is a 300 sq ft room with vaulted ceiling and rows of windows on two walls. A third wall hosts a fire place and two french doors leading in and out. So I basically have one wall in which to hand anything on and that wall is taken up with book shelves that my husband installed about a week after we moved in . . . and they are not coming down (sadly, because  detest them). This wall is the media wall. The television sits here and is not allowed to be turned on until after dinner (I know, I'm mean). My son usually works on the sofa during school hours or he will move into the office to use the computer.

Homeschool Classroom TourWe use the white board throughout the day and the kids to do their work there, especially math. I had my husband cut the whiteboard in half and hang it on another wall. It just was not working where it was. It is actually screwed into the wall in between the windows--so hard to hang anything in this room with all the windows. Homeschool Classroom Tour

This year, I moved all the desks from the middle of the room and lined them all up against the wall to give us move room in our class room. We were constantly bumping into desks. My daughters desks were pushed together for two years and I think this was the reason for a lot of goofing off. They are all much more focused now.  Homeschool Classroom Tour

The workboxes are on the sides of their desks, acting as a divider between each child. My son doesn't actually sit at his desk much as he tends to roam from room to room working. He has a heavy reading load this year and needs a bit more quiet. If I am teaching in the classroom, he usually leaves for the family room.

Homeschool Classroom TourThis wall holds our whiteboard, a small table that I sit at and correct papers. I am usually sitting at someone's desk and only sit here if I am correcting work. There is an extra book shelf for overflow and all our aides and maps.My table holds the stapler, hole puncher, massive amounts of markers as I am not the pen type, more of the marker type. The printer sits there because I have no other space?! i would love to love it.Homeschool Classroom Tour

Homeschool Classroom Tour

I love the tension wire (from ikea) so I can add interactives as they come up. There used to be another one hanging across the front of the desks, but it fell and I have not the time to reattach it. The book shelf holds random dictionaries as well. The baskets are full of craft supplies, art supplies and the workbox is full of paper, ink, markers, colored pencils and extra supplies.Homeschool Classroom Tour

This corner book shelf houses all our manipulatives, art supplies, and science experiments, science units and supplies. We LOVE science and have so much to keep us entertained. These shelves also keep my teacher manuals and all the books we are using or used last year. Homeschool Classroom Tour

Here are more books on another book shelf. The bottom shelves are for entertainment reading and the middles three shelves are for current school books we use. Reading or for reference.

Homeschool Classroom TourThis wall is a big wall of nothing. It really can not be utilized because of the double doors and fireplace. It seems to be the catch all at the moment. Flanking the french door is scrapbooking supplies. I used to be an avid scrapper, but at the moment, have not time due to schooling at home. Perhaps someday I will get back into it. At this time, we use all my supplies for school. The girls LOVE it.

and that’s it!