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What Are You Wearing?

It's Friday, What Are You Wearing Today?


OK. Here we are again, another Friday, another big, important question:
What are you guys wearing today?It's so deadly, dangerously COLD here that I'm in super-casual mode with a pair of jeans, a long sleeved black T-shirt from Bergner's and another T-shirt from Walmart that my son bought me (who doesn't love Tinker Bell). My hair is down, but the bangs are back in a clip because they are driving me nuts. I have my ever present rings and necklace (from hubbie) & my Tiffany necklace on. No other jewelry. I haven't even put shoes on and likely won't.
The look I'm going for today is a girl that does not intend to leave the house because it is sub-zero outside!Your turn.

What are you wearing today? (or tonight, or this weekend, or...)

Now . . .