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Ode to the Red Door

When we were building our dream home . . . this house we currently live in . . . I always imagined my house with a bright red door. However, since we built a home in a development with a set of rules about what color of siding we were allowed to select as well as the color of our roof and sadly, what color our front door could not be. That was red, my dream front  door.  I couldn't have a red front door.

If truth be told, I've been a bit ticked about it ever since. My door is brown. An ugly, nondescript brown. No one ever remembers a brown door!

I found a red door the other day  . . . and took some photos . . . I wonder what would happen if I painted my front door red . . . I bet I would get a lovely letter in the mail . . . you think?

Tiaras & Tantrums Photography
Tiaras & Tantrums Photography
Tiaras & Tantrums Photography

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