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Back to School, Back to Music & Back to Raising Musical Kids

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Back to School, Back to Music & Back to Raising Musical Kids

Music is all around us. Music has the ability to change how we feel and think and even behave. Music can open up closed doors and that's when all kinds of magic happens.  Music surrounds us where ever we go . . . in elevators, in the car, at home.

Did you play a musical instrument growing up? Do your kids play musical instruments? I did not play a musical instrument growing up, but I always wanted to play the piano. My daughters each play the violin and this year marks their fifth year playing violins! Even though I am not musical, I still feel I can guide my girls in their musical education with my desire for them to be musical.

Raising Musical Kids #Music&ArtsBTS

I want my children to see music as a joy, not a chore.

Raising Musical Kids #Music&ArtsBTS

I know we are achieving that in our home. My girls are in two youth orchestras, take private lessons and play during church services. They also love to take their violins to nursing homes and play for the residents. My girls love to bring music to people who want to listen. By sharing their love of music, they are making emotional connections with so many people in our family and community.

Raising Musical Kids #Music&ArtsBTS

Learning to play the violin has not always been an easy path for my daughters. We have had some tears, but mostly joy. Playing the violin takes discipline, patience and requires a lot of decision making. Studying music has given my girls the ability to increase their reasoning skills as well.

Since my girls work so very hard during the school year in youth orchestra, chamber orchestra, private lesson and playing at the church, I gave them a break over the summer. We started school this past Monday and also began orchestra practices and private lessons as well. I heard a few grumbles this week about practicing again after a long 10 week break. But mostly I saw smiles, especially from my little one. She told me how much she had missed playing her violin.

Raising Musical Kids #Music&ArtsBTS

Practicing their violins takes precedence over all play time, computer time and friend time. We had a great relaxing summer, but they know that "practice make permanent". It takes hard work to do hard things. While getting back into the school routine may have some bumps this week and even perhaps next week, I am confident my girls will actually be more productive with their time now. Routine is key to developing good habits!

Raising Musical Kids #Music&ArtsBTS

Create a musical environment in your home

As parents we need to provide opportunities for our children to explore and develop their natural gifts. I like to think I have had a musical environment in my home since my children were babies. When my children were young we had loads of toys that were musical; tambourine, maracas, triangle, washboard, castanets, drum, accordion, xylophone and small piano.

Raising Musical Kids #Music&ArtsBTS

You don't have to go out and purchase a grand piano or a new violin to create a musical environment in your home. Just make musical instruments accessible in your home. Music & Arts, a one-stop-shop for students, parents, and educators offers reasonable rates for instrument rental with over 130 stores in 23 states!

I for one could not be happier with renting violins for my daughters. Violins can be expensive and renting a string instrument until your child is absolutely sure they will continue in their musical path is a must. My daughter once dropped her rented violin and chipped a piece of the wood off. We had insurance in our rental agreement and the violin was completely replaced, no questions asked.

Last year my youngest daughter learned a valuable lesson whilst tapping her bow on the ground during orchestra instead of paying attention to the director. Her bow completely snapped in half. There were many tears and she was quite upset. We were able to make a call to Music & Arts, and replace her bow in time for lessons that week.

Raising Musical Kids #Music&ArtsBTS

Music is a gift you can give your child that will last their entire lives.

I once heard that learning a foreign language allows for a more seamless life. I think music is a language because it is a universal way to communicate. Music can enchant, enlighten and educate your children. Music can take them on a special musical journey. Music has the capacity to boost, change and astound your children!

Back to School Music & Arts Instruments

What are your plans for music this year? Be sure to visit Music & Arts for local information on music instrument rentals and give your children the gift of music!

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