Meet Melody Ellison - American Girl's New BeForever Character

American Girl's New BeForever Character

American Girl is excited to announce the official debut of its newest BeForever character, Melody Ellison, TODAY, Thursday, August 25. In her stories, Melody, a 9-year old girl growing up in Detroit, Michigan, during the civil rights movement of the 1960s, lifts her voice for equality and helps bring this significant time in America's history to life for girls today.

Meet Melody Ellison - American Girl's New BeForever Character

Melody Ellison

Melody Ellison, the newest character to join American Girl’s popular BeForever line, is a hopeful and positive 9 year-old girl growing up during a time that is completely different from what my daughters experience in society today. But Melody is so relatable to young girls in this generation because young girls face so many different types of discrimination today.

Meet Melody Ellison - American Girl's New BeForever Character

Like my daughters, Melody loves to sing and blend her voice with others in harmony. My daughters, who are young violinists, really have a connection to music, just like Melody. After Melody saw some of her family members face racial discrimination and after experiencing it herself, Melody decides to add her voice to those who are speaking up about inequality.

Meet Melody Ellison - American Girl's New BeForever Character

This lesson is so important to teach our children today, just like it was during the civil rights movement. It is vital to teach our young children that they need to maintain and protect civil rights just as much as adults do. Civil rights protect every one of us, not just some of us.

Melody Ellison

Melody Ellison is a beautiful 18-inch doll with dark brown eyes and black hair. Melody comes in a bright blue-and-green fun houndstooth dress, a blue ribbon headband, and shiny blue patent shoes. Also included is No Ordinary Sound, the first volume in Melody’s classic series, by Denise Lewis Patrick.

Meet Melody Ellison - American Girl's New BeForever Character

Starting TODAY, August 25, the Melody doll and all her related products are available at; at all American Girl retail locations nationwide; through American Girl’s catalogue; and at American Girl specialty boutiques at select Indigo™ and Chapters™ in Canada. The Melody books can also be purchased through retail and online booksellers.

Melody joins her other historical American Girl doll friends that have been made in the last 30 years. Ensuring the historical accuracy and cultural authenticity of Melody's story and product collection was imperative to American Girl. They worked for two years with a six-member advisory board that included Gloria House, Juanita Moore, Rebecca de Schweinitz, Thomas J. Sugrue, the late civil rights activist Julian Bond and JoAnn Watson. This advisory team reviewed and provided input on all aspects of Melody's development—from the doll, books, outfits, accessories, issues, and story setting.

Here is a video of me surprising my daughters with the NEW BeForever American Girl Doll Melody Ellison:

Also available to enjoy with the Melody doll is her Bed & Bedding and bedroom accessories, a Motown inspired Recording Studio that plays and records music and a Microphone Set, her Table & Chairs and a Block Party Set, Melody's Terrier Dog, Bo, a historically authentic Fancy Dress, Holiday Outfit, and Fancy Coat, Play Outfit, Pajamas and a Hairstyling Set and Accessories, and a fancy dress.

Meet Melody Ellison - American Girl's New BeForever Character

Lift Your Voice with Melody Campaign

To coincide with Melody's debut, American Girl is launching the Lift Your Voice with Melody campaign. Last Saturday, August 20, fans were able to watch the Lift Your Voice with Melody video at American Girl (DOT) com here. Any fans who visited were then able to share their own inspiring videos and photos on how they are making difference, using #LiftYourVoice.

Be sure to visit American Girl (DOT) com and share your inspiring videos and photos with American Girl and don't forget to use the hashtag #LiftYourVoice.

American Girl Melody Retail Stores Events

Beginning Friday, August 26, American Girl retail stores are hosting free Melody-inspired events geared for girls ages 8 and up that include a free craft, 1960s music, food, and a free gift. More details are available here. If you live near an American Girl retail store, I encourage you to visit with your daughter(s).

We have been fortunate to visit a number of times when a new doll is introduced and the Chicago American Girl Place location always has the most amazing events planned. Melody’s Summer Block Party will be held at select store locations on August 26th, 27th and 28th. Girls will get to meet Melody and take home a special Melody inspired doll tee (while supplies last) and enjoy some fun crafts.

Melody Learning Materials


There are free Melody learning material downloads for parents and teachers. As well as Melody Learning and Reader Discussion Guides, which explore themes and issues from the 1960s. These are all available here.

Meet Melody Ellison - American Girl's New BeForever Character

Melody Ellison American Girl Doll Giveaway

Now, I have ONE Melody Ellison American Girl Doll to giveaway to one lucky reader! The Melody doll, which sells for $115, comes with a hound's-tooth tri-colored dress, matching headband, patent blue shoes, white socks and underwear, and a paperback book, "No Ordinary Sound". This is the perfect giveaway for that special little girl in your life or maybe you’re an American Girl Doll collector

Please enter using the Giveaway Tools form below. You must be a U.S. resident and at least 18-years-old to enter and win. Winner will be contacted via email after the close of the giveaway. Please allow 3-6 weeks for prize delivery. The winner will have 24hrs. to get back to me with mailing info. All entries will be verified. All items will be mailed from the Sponsor. US ONLY!!!

Do you have an unforgettable American Girl Doll moment to share with me?

Thank you to American Girl Doll for gifting us with Melody. We can't wait to share our images ad videos for the #LiftYourVoice campaign.  All opinions are my own. All images courtesy of American Girl Doll Place and used with permission.

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