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Achieving Happiness

I have so much to get done before school begins and I am not quite sure I will be capable of getting it all done. I have made a significant dent in my to-do list but it seems to just keep growing anyway. School curriculum in place, school books ordered (and most delivered), school supplies purchased, uniforms purchased, hair cuts, etc etc etc . . . the list just keeps growing.

The list consists of  just "things" I have to do. This doesn't even include all the little projects and "things" that I want to do. I get a bit overwhelmed when I think of all the good ideas I have that I have to put aside for all the "things" that I have to do. I think that's the only part of being overwhelmed that really bothers me - having to put aside great inspiration in favor of checking thinks off the to-do lists that are scattered about my home.

Tiaras & Tantrums Photography
Tiaras & Tantrums Photography
Tiaras & Tantrums Photography
Tiaras & Tantrums Photography

But sometimes, I just toss the to-do lists aside and follow my burst of inspiration right down the path of happiness.  I find solace behind my camera. I've learned to not be afraid to go out and do what makes me uniquely and truly happy! 

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