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What Are You Wearing?







Even though it is the middle of December, something about the cold weather this week makes me think that winter is far from over (sadness, tears). We are in a deep freeze here in The Windy City and I am dressing for warmth people! And so, I have been wearing jeans, again (one good thing about winter though is I'm so tired of having to shave my legs, and pants totally eliminate this task). Anyway, today I am wearing a pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans  that I bought in Beijing and I completely love, a white long sleeved t-shirt from Target, a big, deliciously, warm sweater by Nine West (purchased back in 2001) and pair of boot that I bought 3 years ago. My hair is down and I forgot to put earrings in.



TShirt- $8.00 - Target (you can't see it, it is under the itchy sweater)
Nine West sweater - ? - bought in 2001 (only needed on cold days like today)
7 for All Mankind Jeans - Beijing - 200RMB (that's $25.00 - love the markets!!!)
boots - Nordstrom - can't recall what I paid



Now, you go.

What Are You Wearing?


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